Addiction Treatment

We care about our patients and offer a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to recovery, using the latest techniques and equipment. 

We believe that maintaining an upbeat atmosphere during rehabilitation greatly aids the reduction of pain and disability, thus optimizing abilities and quality of life for the patient.Preventing disability is key. We provide preventive health services. See us for risk factors assessments.


We treat patients of all ages.

What is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), also called physiatry, is the branch of medicine emphasizing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders – particularly related to the nerves, muscles, and bones – that may produce temporary or permanent impairment. PM&R is one of 24 medical specialties certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. PM&R provides integrated care in the treatment of conditions related to the brain, muscles, and bones, spanning from traumatic brain injury to lower back pain.

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