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Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGB)


Long-Haul Covid 19

For some people who have had COVID-19, post-infection symptoms like exhaustion, loss of smell or taste, or brain fog can continue for weeks or months. 

SGB treatment, by increasing cerebral blood flow, can alleviate the symptoms of long COVID.

The duration of results with SGB treatment can last for several weeks or can be permanent for this indication. 


PTSD and Anxiety

SGB treatment targets the area at the side of your neck where the cervical sympathetic chain of nerves is located, on either side of your voice box.

This nerve conduit connects the parts of your brain that generate a fight-or-flight response to the rest of your body. Blocking nerve activity related to your sympathetic nervous system can effectively relieve symptoms like chronic anxiety, PTSD symptoms.


CRPS 1 & 2

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), can be difficult to treat. Symptoms of pain make just getting through each day a challenge. SGB treatments targets the main nerve controlling your sympathetic nervous system with injections of a long-lasting local anesthetic, and shows promise as an effective treatment for CRPS or pain in your head, neck, upper arms, and upper chest.

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