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We want to be a part of your patient care team.


Certain patient conditions like debility with pain that is difficult to control, or spasticity from stroke, TBI or degenerative diseases compounded by multiple active comorbidities, can put a strain on your practice's time and resources. 

Issues like musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic pain or joint contractures can pose obstacles to progress in outpatient physical or occupational therapies. 

Let Wellspring Clinic  support your practice by treating those patients that require interventions for pain or management of chronic, disabling conditions.  

We will work with you for your patients' benefit, while providing you with regular updates on your patients' progress



For consults or referrals, call: 443-371-9750, fax: 443-371-9751

For questions or to request more information on the conditions we treat, contact us today.

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