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Tips to Relieve Back Pain, Neck Pain and Joint pains

Home exercise programs of stretching and range of motion can help. Hot packs can help too but don't leave them on for too long! When these simple measure fail, call at Wellspring Clinic pain management, 443 371 9750, and we would be happy to treat you with out latest methods, including pain medications, pills, myofascial release and even cortisone shots if you need them

Tip #1 - exercise helps

This can improve blood flow and strengthen weak muscles.

Tip #2 - Medications can help

Prescribed pain medications are a useful tool, when appropriately used.

Tip #3 - the latest versions of cortisone and local anesthetic shots work very well

Cortisone shots can relieve back, neck and joint pains for months at a time and can be well worth it.

Tip #5 - Wellspring Clinic for pain management is a great place to start for all of your chronic pain and medication needs.

Give us a call today. We'll be glad to help. Because we understand every one just wants to FEEL BETTER!

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