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Physical Medicine

How Are Physical Medicine and Addiction Treatment Related?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) is a term that is used to describe a Medical Specialty that aims at restoring physical function for people who have certain types of ailments. Physical medicine and addiction treatment can actually go hand in hand, even though the two things may not seem so related. Here is a look at how the two things can be related.

Individuals with addiction often have physical ailments.
Even though an individual may have a substance abuse problem, it is not uncommon for people to initially start taking a substance because of a physical problem. For example, someone with a back problem that causes chronic pain may start taking opiate medications and become addicted.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation focuses on fixing the entire problem.
When a person with an addiction enters a physical medicine and rehabilitation program, they will undergo a thorough assessment to determine the best plan of treatment. While addiction treatment will be an integral part of the process, the physical ailments will also be addressed. Rehabilitation for someone addicted may involve things like:

  • Physical therapy to help overcome certain issues and challenges


  • Psychological counseling to tend to the emotional side of the condition


  • Medications used to deter substance cravings and help with pain

Through a very detailed program designed by a professional with knowledge of both conditions, an individual who has both addiction and physical challenges may be able to find a higher quality of life.

Talk to Us About Addiction Treatment and Physical Medicine
Addiction is scary, and facing physical ailments without medication is even scarier. If you have been quietly struggling with an addiction to pain medicine and believe physical medicine and rehabilitation may help, contact us at The Wellspring Clinic to schedule an appointment.

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